Why Pilates?

Learn why many around the world are choosing to learn Pilates – and how it can benefit and effect your life as well!

  • Focus on the following principles: Awareness, Balance, Breath, Control, Center, Concentration, Efficiency, Flow, Harmony and Precision
  • It’s a full body workout, teaching practical movement to last a lifetime.
  • Both flexible and inflexible people benefit from Pilates, finding balance between strength and flexibility.
  • More than 80% of the population has back pain. Pilates works to strengthen the muscles closest to the spine, which has proven to be one of the most effective treatments for many back aliments.
  • It reverses the affects of sitting and working behind a computer all day.
  • Anyone can do Pilates. It can be modified for any level of fitness. Pilates is progressive.
  • You’ll actually experience emotional/mental benefits too, as Pilates has proven to ease depression, anxiety and other common health issues.
  • Often people come to Pilates after their Physical Therapy is completed. It’s a safe, effective exercise and can be personalized to meet your individual needs.
  • People are seeking Pilates to enhance their athletic abilities, including professional athletes.
  • It’s not like any exercise you’ve ever done. It changes your perspective on working out.