About Pilates VIP

BASI Pilates Certified

Pilates VIP is pleased to offer its community convenient personal training on Pilates equipment, commonly referred to as private sessions, and group mat classes taught by highly qualified and experienced Certified Pilates Instructors. At Pilates VIP, everyone is treated as a VIP in a warm and welcoming environment, teaching precise and mindful movement to last a lifetime.

Valerie Lucas

Valerie obtained a Masters in Accountancy from Kansas State University in 2001 and worked in the field for 18 years. After discovering Pilates and the countless benefits it offers, she was called to switch careers. It has become her passion, and she has an abundant desire to share it with others.

Since becoming a Certified BASI Pilates instructor in 2013, Valerie has invested in continuous learning to offer her best to her clients. She has studied numerous times directly with Rael Isacowitz, founder and director of BASI Pilates, and has the goal to complete his Legacy Program in the near future. Valerie has attended multiple BASI workshops including, Pilates for the Mature Client, Pilates for Men and Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies. She’s also had the pleasure of attending the Learn from the Leader Conference in 2016, studying with Karen Clippinger, Deborah Lessen and several exceptional BASI faculty members. It’s Valerie’s hope the knowledge attained through her continuing Pilates education will transcend to her teaching and provide her clients with the high quality, customized Pilates workout they need and deserve.

It’s been Valerie’s pleasure working with a wide range of individuals. She’s worked with professional dancers and athletes, as well as individuals with injuries and limitations. Many people come to Pilates after they’ve completed Physical Therapy as it’s highly recognized as a safe and effective alternative to most other exercise regimes. Whether you want to enhance your athletic abilities, continue recovery from surgery or want to strengthen and gain flexibility in order to age with confidence, there is a Pilates workout for you.

It’s her goal to make people always feel welcomed, relaxed and excited about a Pilates workout. Pilates is for everyone, despite any limitations and/or injuries. She’s confident you will feel the difference in your mind and body and realize why Pilates is truly a way of life. Come and allow Valerie to share her passion with you!