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It’s our goal to provide a high quality Pilates experience in a safe and welcoming environment for people of all fitness levels.

Pilates VIP with Valerie Lucas

BASI Pilates Certified

Pilates VIP is pleased to offer its community convenient personal training on Pilates equipment, commonly referred to as private sessions, and group mat classes taught by highly qualified and experienced Certified Pilates Instructors. At Pilates VIP, everyone is treated as a VIP in a warm and welcoming environment, teaching precise and mindful movement to last a lifetime.

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“Pilates was the key to me finally ‘finding’ my abs. As a ballet dancer it is the perfect cross training; it helps me stay toned while it tunes me in to using my muscles properly. Val pays great attention to detail and proper form, all while giving me an awesome workout”

Alexandra F.

“Valerie has a beautiful soft demeanor that allows you to relax but stay focused during her teachings. She has a graceful personality that allows you to be yourself during private sessions. I was a beginner when we met and she sculpted my body and mind through the principals of pilates.”

Sara S.

“I was nervous to try Pilates but Valerie made me feel so comfortable. She is the BEST instructor! Her love for Pilates really shows in her teaching. I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you Valerie for making me feel like a Pilates Rockstar!”

Tierney D.

“I am so thankful to have met Valerie! She is an AMAZING Pilates instructor. Her attention to detail, profound knowledge of the practice and the human body, and ability to connect with clients are just a few of her remarkable qualities. Valerie’s passion and love for Pilates is inspiring and I cannot wait to visit her new studio!”

Sarah N.

“As a beginner, Val eased me into Pilates with kindness, grace and great sense of humor. Her patience and expertise allowed us to work around some of my limitations and resulted in obvious improvements in all the areas I was looking to improve in at the start.”

Josh B.

“Valerie is an incredible instructor! I have taken both private and group lessons from her, and she is very patient and takes the time to ensure I’m always using the correct form. As a runner and a naturally inflexible person, I have struggled with some of the exercises, but with Valerie’s approachable teaching method, I have gained the confidence to try some of the more difficult moves in Pilates. I always feel a sense of accomplishment after one of her sessions – and am sweaty too! It is obvious that Valerie has a deep passion for Pilates and knows how to give each of her clients a great workout!”

Cortney E.

“Aside from being the kindest person ever (truly), I’ve always been impressed by how detailed she is. Many things I had been doing before had become more difficult because I had not been doing them correctly. After a few classes with her, I became stronger, more aware of muscle groups, and more confident in my capabilities. When I was injured or limited in any way, she was eager to use Pilates to help me recover and talk to my doctors to get additional insight to help me even more.”

Anna H.

“Working with Valerie was awesome! I was super nervous to try Pilates for the first time but she has such a calming demeanor that I was instantly relaxed! Valerie was very patient with me, and walked me through every part of the session. She gave me tips as well and I left feeling knowledgeable, stretched, relaxed, and sore in a good way. I recommend Valerie for first timers and veterans to Pilates!”

Katrina R.

“Valerie is an incredible Pilates Instructor. She is extremely detailed to ensure you get the very most from every single exercise. The result is a body that is able to move with more control, strength and flexibility. Her training is exceptional, her cues are well articulated, and her enthusiasm is contagious. But what I love most about Valerie is her genuine passion for teaching. She takes every opportunity to participate in advanced education courses and is continuously striving to be the very best teacher she can be. Valerie is one of the most fervent and dedicated instructors I’ve known and her adoration for the method results in an amazing session every single time.”

Heather G.

“Valerie is the creme de la creme of certified Pilates instructors. I had the privilege of taking private lessons with Valerie when I was a beginner to Pilates. Now as an instructor, I can’t express what a luxury it is to have the opportunity to work with and learn from her. Valerie’s passion for Pilates is evident through her well planned sessions, her attention to detail, and her enthusiasm for each client’s individual progress. No matter where you are in your health and fitness journey, Valerie’s keen eye can help you reach your goals. She has truly found her calling in sharing her love of Pilates with others. But don’t let her warm, kind, and encouraging demeanor fool you...she makes you WORK HARD!”

Shalyn L.

“Valerie is the most attentive, and kindest, and most professional instructor. Her knowledge and passion for pilates brings out the best in her clients physically and emotionally. She was my first pilates instructor, and now I'm an instructor because of her! She's the best! Don't wait, just go see her!!!”

Keli C.

“Valerie does an amazing job at going into the details of each movement that you should be feeling along with the correct ways of doing each exercise. I have never slowed my exercises down enough to know exactly how to get the biggest impact from them and with Valerie's direction I finally do! Her studio is decorated awesome - so homey and inviting but you know you are there to get a serious work out!

I always joke about this but it is so true that you’re literally exhausted after laying on the floor for an hour. I am not a coordinated person but even I can tell that I have gotten stronger in my core and Pilates helps with coordination for any age.

I was always afraid of doing Pilates and figured it would just be boring and slow but I now realize that you cannot properly do any work out or any sport without the influence of Pilates. The coordination, technique, and movements that you learn just make you stronger with any other work out or sport. Even my husband who is a work out guru tried Pilates and was just blown away at how in depth but rewarding it was.

Valerie adds another great convenience to her select classes: My child take a class in the classroom next door and the schedule allows me to drop my child off at class, my Pilates class start 5 minutes later, and ends just before it is time to get my child from his class. I get to do my workout too instead a waiting on his class for an hour and I'm in the same building!

I encourage anyone to try Valerie's VIP Pilates out and you too will be surprised at how great of a workout it is that you can use in so many aspects of your life.”

Kendal B.

“I have always been very much into Pilates for several years now. It has helped me tremendously with my pains, back issues ,posture and to have a great lean physique. I have been to several Pilates studios, independently owned, franchise and a few studios overseas, however, I wanted to step it up to next level of pure, true and quality Pilates. After doing research, I found Pilates VIP. It was everything and more then I wanted! Valarie is the most experienced and qualified Pilates instructor I have ever met hands down! She is gentle, amazing with anatomy and has he best Pilates classes. She will take her time to correct you and challenge you in the most perfect way. Like I mentioned before, I have been to several studios before, but I noticed the most difference physically and with my health with Valarie. I can actually see my abs and my physique looks very lean and toned! But the most importantly, Valarie has a very welcoming, and family oriented atmosphere in her studio which will make you feel super comfortable and almost like you’re at home. I couldn’t recommend Pilates VIP anymore! Thank you soo, soo much Valarie for giving me a better quality of life, physically and mentally.”

Melissa F.
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